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Painting by: Keith Hamilton 

Volume 8 

Kempsville Junior High School 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 


opening / 3 


ourselves become involved, 
We welcome new people to join us. 
By participating, 
We slowly, 

Emerge from one group and 
Join others. 

We realize the potential that we have 
By working together within many small groups 
Rather than just one. 

We gain interest in other ideas and values. 
Through unity, our goals are crystalized. 
And we learn to appreciate one another. 
I saw the moments slowly slipping away 
While around little really changed. 


opening / 7 

In the aquisition of friends. 
Truthfully extending the self to others, 
Accepting people for what they are 
Creates the foundation for a lasting 
BRAVES together 
I come back now to find much the 
same situation I had left, 
For although many things are differ- 

Little has changed inside and 

Only the diminishing moments have 

made a difference. 


opening / 9 


WITH ^BWilllTrii 



who were, 

Reckoning with failure, 
Expanding loyalties, 
Surging with joys, 
Radiating vitality, 
Activating sparks of spirit, 
Developing initative, 
Increasing cooperation, 
Testing Strength, 
Emulating heroes, 
Riding high on victory, 
Grasping for acclaim, 
Resounding competition. 

sports / 11 
















S 9 b ■ 

SS S °> 
2« I 

football / 13 

14 / football 

1976-1977 Kempsville Junior High School - 
City Champions — 12-0-0 Eighth Annual 
Tournament Champions 


11- 1-i 

8- 3-^ 

9- 2-11 

12- 0-( 





Tim Reisch 


David Miller 



Julius Anongos 


Chuck Widgeon 



John Rimarski 


Mike Haynes 



Mike Kent 


Doc Laumann 



Dan Lulchuk 


Scott Randolph 



Kevin McKee 


Jeff Hawkins 



John Matheson 


Jay Clifton 



Billy Dillon 


KJHS Wrestling Team Front Row — David Miller, Chuck Widgeon, Mike Haynes, Doc Lauman, Scott Randolph, Jeff Hawkins, Second Row — Randy Wilkins, Jay Clifton, Tim 
Reisch, Julius Anongos, John Rimarski, Third Row — Cindy Braun Mgr., Dan Lulchuk, Kevin McKee, John Matheson, Billy Dillon, Tracy Wood Mgr. 

16 / wrestling 

wrestling / 17 

WRESTLERS — Todd Hovik, Ken Merritt, Dave Reinke, Mike Spearman, Jeff Davis, Gree Williams, Perry Ehle, Jose 
Belcher; SECOND ROW — Joey Boocks, Wally McCue, Richard Amols, Roy Shields, Eric Chadwell, Jon Riddle; 
THIRD ROW — Tracy Gilbert, Richard Franklin, Russell Erickson, Ed Delaney, Doug Dunn, Greg Moses, John 
Bechtlheimer; FOURTH ROW — Dink O'Hara, Chuck Rogers, Tom Reid, Mark Wood, Barry Sternberg, Jeff Kaiser, 
Scott Schwittes, Jack Arrant, Mgr. 

18 / wrestling 

wrestling / 19 

1976-1977 KJHS 
City Champions 



Tournament Scores 








1 Jl u 




1 ill 1 1J 















1 J 11 J 




















Record 13-1 

KJHS BASKETBALL TEAM — Kneeling: David Jernigan, Jeff Anderson, Brad Hudson, Antoine Harold, Mike Jarvis, Donald Santos, Joey Ackaway; Standing: Jim Caravello, Eric 
Jones, Clinton Brown, Phil Dobber, James Buchanon, Kent Mann, Gary Freeman, Earl Hackley, Mike West. 

20 / basketball 

Who's That Guy Standing Next To The 
Kempsville Braves? 

It's Their Coach, 

David Flanigan 

Mr. Griffin and Mr. Flanigan talk over tournament plans. 

basketball / 21 

Antione Harold 
M.V.P. of Tournament 

22 / basketball 

basketball / 23 


Basketball Team 

basketball / 25 


Courtney Cox Tammy Hulock, Lori Johnson, Sherry Baer, Stacy Sherrod, Melanie Mohap, Patrice Robino, Jennifer Snead, Pam Smith, Nancy Naigle, Juliana Delcar- 
men, oanna Cjarvev. ' 

cheerleaders / 27 

28 / cheerleaders 

Kempsville Junior 
High School Field 
Hockey Team 

30 / field hockey 


34 / track 

track / 35 

Braves Win 

4th Baseball Title 

in 7 Years 

36 / baseball 

BASKETBALL — Seated: Nette Schov, Karen Casey, Jenny Mauricio. Stand- 
ing: Kathy Miller, Kathy Gillen, Vickie Holgate, Joyce Johnson, Margie Gil- 


VOLLEYBALL — Kneeling: Lynn Fisher, Bobbie Hauck, Barbara Crabtree, 
Joyce Medlin, Barbara Summer; Standing: Laura Troupe, Coleen Laughlin, 
Lisa Edwards, Julie Blow, Kendell Tata, Miss Chester. 

SPEEDBALL — Margaret Spivey, Jodi Parrish, Denise Walter, Caryl Karcher, 
Dawn Gilbert; SECOND ROW — April Alfred, Laura Woods, Elizabeth Peter- 
son. Sue Escucha, Lori Ginn. 

FIELD HOCKEY — Joy Mangliemot, Liz Hinds, Sharon Dean, Barbie 
Laufersweiler, Cinda Brundage, Valerie Hutton, Cindy Braun, Angela Deluca, 

Julie Blow, Dapnne Galvin. 

intermurals / 37 







who were 

Serving in many capacities, 

Promoting student welfare, 

Strengthening abilities, 

Delving into existance, 

Awaiting awards, 

Cultivating valuable qualities, 

Taking advantage of broadening experiences. 

Forgetting lines, 

Striving for cooperation, 

Learning to accept responsibilities. 

activities / 39 

40 / yearbook staff 

Lori Beachm 
Melissa Baker 

Wil Biles 
David Ayers 


Scott London 
Tobi Livingston 

yearbook staff / 41 

76-77 S.C.A. 

Mr. Bobby Adair, Sponsor 

Karen Simmons, Treas. 


NJHS — Juliana Delcarmen, Elizabeth Soloman, Elizabeth Gibbons, Paul Darrah, Kiju Nam, Howard Simmons, Jenny Swanberg, Cindy Dean; Second row — Jeff Wells, 
Michelle Themides, Karen Anderson, Angie Beechner, Sherry Simoneaux; Monica George, Jackie Weeks, Sharron Simoneaux; Third row — Dave Carre, Cathy Lotze, Susan 
Pool, Danny Braa, Allison Creeley, David Belote. 

44 / NJHS 

NJHS OFFICERS — Jenny Swanberg, Treas.; Cathy Lotze, Sec; Jeff Wells, Pres.; and Paul Darrah, V. Pres. 

Mrs. Edith Eidson, Spon: 

NJHS / 45 


PRECUSSION — Doug Dunn. Robert Kitchell. Mike 
Swann, Stacey Roberts; Second row — Heather Mac- 
Donald, John Clegg. Rob Valentine, Billy Martin, Lindsey 
Klein, Tracy Wedeman, John Stratton. 

'76-'77 Kempsville Junior High School 

Majorettes highlight festivities in pre-game and halftime performances at the football games as well as taking part in 
different parades. 

Standing — Jean Foley, Raylene Kowal, Melissa Stiavelli, Patty Kilby, Karen Barker, Laura Lambert; Kneeling — Kim Bess and Rochelle Jones. 

majorettes / 49 

50 / chorus 

chorus / 51 

MIXED CHORUS — Linda Scotece, Monica Powell, Denise Henson, Laura Owens, Lori Taylor, Skippy Torrence, Jeff Scott; Second row — Sharron Leeper, Cindy Rutkin, 
Shannon Murphy, Laura Zimmerman, Robin Russell, Debbie McCoy, Florence Moss, Richard Swasey, Gene Smith, Third row — Stacy Scott, Teresa Tatem, Laura 
Roberts, Carolyn Leonard, Marjie Stohl, Christy McClellen, Dick Register, Dottie Landis, Bill Wandersee. 

ORCHESTRA — Joy Manglicmot, Teresa Galgo, Jeannine Laine, Mark Manglicmot, Carolyn Harris; Second row — Mrs. Price, John Loughrey, Kelly Barton, Page Herbert, 
Marilyn Stohl, Butch Tecson, Clenda Riley. 

52 / chorus-orchestra 

REGIONAL CHORUS — Mrs. Richardson, Michelle Mor- 
gan, Kitra Weko, Susan Bernick, Sonia Bisek, Jeff Wells; 
Second row — Cindy Gray, Pat Schwab, Kristina Vasquez, 
Beverly Fayton, Shanna Ever, Analise; Third row — 
Charles Hershberger, Ken Henry, Tony Fayton, Caroline 
Githrie. Absent — Rusty Berry and Angela Lowman. 


REGIONAL BAND — David Mitchell, Lee Thurston, Susan Pool, Elizabeth Sallomen, Lindsey Cline, Bruce McCall, Becky Herrin, Cathie Lotze, Billy Martin; Second row — Kelli 
McMullen, John Thompson, Doug Dunn, Scott Howerin, John Visheneski, Lynn Alavardo, Kurt Walker, Carla Foreman; Third row — Mike Shulze, John Clegg, Rob Valentine, 
Ed Delaney, Jim Caravello. 

regionals / 53 

CLINIC HELPERS — Allison Jackson, Becky DiMaio, Pam Pitts, Cindy Braum, Darby Camington and Mrs. Harris. 

54 / helpers 

SCIENCE CLUB — Jeff Jenkins, John Lewis, Walter Gallop, Ruth Hickson, Teresa 
Halgo, Christine Milbocker, Paul Darrah, Anoly Clegg; Second row — Steve Ander- 
son, Mike Brinlley, Ricky Eley, Betsy Allen, Doug Thornton, Party Walsh, Third row 
— Phil Camacho, Gary Nelson, Bruce Wilsle, Bruce Holley, Julie Bym, Danny Braa, 
Mike Milbooker. 

LATIN CLUB — Mat Labarge, Mark Phillips, Catherine Green, Kathy Permenter, 
Kathy Millen. Mike Cerrutti, Renee Dennard, Greg Williams, Allison Creely, Kelly 
Lakey, Janie Drafflin, Chip Scott, Karen Jordan, Janet Boling, Kathy Moser, Tina 
Morgan, Leslie Schneider, Roger Gibson, John Vishneski, Dan Harrison, Seated — 
Monica Hinnman, Darby Carrington, Paula Coughlin, Nancy Ligh, Lynn Morris, 
Alan Copeland, Mike Huizenga, Standing — Kim Wilson, Liz Hinds, Elizabeth Gib- 
bins, Caroline Gutherie, AnaUse Parchen, Valerie Hutten, Jennifer McGinnis, Mark 
Payne, Andy Labarge. 

SPANISH CLUB — Buddy Miller, Sharron Simoneaux, Jenny Swanberg, Cathy 
Jimenez (Pres.), Barbara Rothman, Beth Gregory, Patty Walsh, Jamie Schumacher 
(Sec), Billy Martin, (Treas.); Second row — Shannon Woll, Scott Howerin (V.P.) 
Monica George, Karen Simmons, Karen Sanderson, Debbie Powers, Cleopatra 
Robinson, Karen Anderson, Monica Cleveland, Karen Hellinger; Third row — Joy 
Cabanilla, Gail Mooney, Steve Marshall, Doug Thornton (V.P.), John Clegg. 

G.A.A. — Kendall Tata, Brabara Crabtree, Barbara Womble, Michelle 
Themides, Cindy Connard, Belinda, Beth Christian, Shelly Mundt. 

DRAMA — Jerry Johnson, Angela Deluca, Darby Carrington, Linda Scotece, Joy 
Cabanillo, Paul Darrah, Dick Register, Elizabeth Salomon, Jamie Schumacher, Cathy 
Jimenez, Teresa Galgo; Second row — John Lewis, Susan Franks, Caroline Huthrie, 
Trisha Boyle, Susan Bernick, Eileen Keener, Giovanna Bardolata, Laura Lambert, 
Naomi Bloomheld, Stacy Roberts, Jeff Wells; Third row — Steve Anderson, Bruce 
Wiltsie, Doug Thornton, Scott Howerin, Bruce Holley, Mike Schultze, Monica 
George, Karie Klanner, Dan Cravin, John Clegg. 

clubs / 55 

Doug Thornton, Howard Simmons, Allison Creely, David Belote, Kathy Moser; Bruce Holley, Kappy Scarborough, Sue Sharpe, Bruce Wiltsie. 

56 / debate 

CMDR Dow COLOR GUARD — Billy Hutchison, Gary Nelson, Bobby Hoffer, Mark Smith, Randy 

' Mann, John Fisk. 


NJROTC — Hoffer. Kelly, Farmer, Thibault, Gradel, Landers, Thorpe, Rackley, Hutchison, Carrie, Smith, Smith Ackley, Buckley, Fowler, Carringon, Hurdle, Wil- 

Robertson, Henson, Davis, Nelson, Mann, Achor, Ball. Hams, Scott, Fisk, Fereday, Boulden. 

njrotc / 57 




which were 

Straining vocal cords, 
Taking a field trip, 
Basking in success, 
Recognizing academic expectations, 
Accenting the important, 
Providing firm foundations, 
Interplaying ideas, 
Widening spheres of intellect, 
Continuning high standards, 
Searching for the unanswered, 
Buzzing with activity, 
Exercising mind and body. 

lessons / 59 

60 / lessons 

All smiles. 

lessons / 63 

64 / lessons 

lessons / 65 

70 / lessons 

The latest in Gym fashions. 

Miss Clair, 

Whera is tlje cornpone? 

4 Mr. Moody does wear purple 
* polka dotted socks. 

lessons / 71 




with whom we were, 
Promoting school spirit, 
Looking forward to the future, 
Unifying a school, 
Rejoicing in friendships, 
Contemplating the future, 
Tettering on the brink of maturity, 
Anticipating KHS 
Baffled by chaotic surroundings, 
Acquiring friends, 
Pausing for a moment of silence, 
Wishing for summer. 

Michelle Themidese and David Belote represent KJHS 
on Mayor's Youth Council. 

Ninth Grade And . . . 

Achor, Mickey 
Ackley, Mark 
Alexander, Cheri 
Allen, Betsy 
Alvarado, Lynn 
Ambros, Jay 
Ames, David 

Amidon, Jackie 
Anaghoskos, Lynn 
Anderson, Jeff 
Anderson, Mark 
Anderson, Steve 
Andes, Howard 
Andrews, Allison 

Andrews, Cliff 
Armes, Shirley 
Armstrong, Betsy 
Armstrong, Merlin 
Asbell, Seaton 
Asher, Coleen 
Ashby, Joe 

Ausch, Bonnie 
Aulsin, Scott 
Austin, Andrew 
Austin, Bennie 
Austin, Thomas 
Ayers, David 
Badalato, Shawn 

Baer, Sherry 
Bailey, Greg 
Baker, Melissa 
Ball, Darryl 
Ball, David 
Barber, Connie 
Barbar, Nina 

74 / ninth 

ninth / 75 

John Clegg and Maurine Bowlin admire the United Community Fund award. 

Boester, Kim 
Boone, John 
Boner, Freida 
Bomtrager, Shelly 
Bosso, Deborah 
Bostic, David 
Boudt, Choalic 

Boulden, Mark 
Bowling, Janet 
Bowman, Kelly 
Boyle, Trisha 
Braa, Danny 
Braum, Cindy 
Breed, Susan 

Breedlove, Gayla 
Breitenback, Roy 
Brewer, Troy 
Bridges, Julie 
Briley, Mackey 
Brinldey, James 
Brooks, Belinda 

Brooks, Michael 
Brocher, Lynda 
Brown, Cindy 
Brown, Clinton 
Brown, Nancy 
Brown, Cindy 
Brundage, Cinda 

Brunner, Danny 
Bryne, Julie 
Buchanan, Steve 
Bryant, Scott 
Buckley, Keith 
Buckley, Kevin 
Bull, Patricia 

76 / ninth 

ninth / 77 

Cross, Beverly 
Crumley. Scott 
Cunniff, Bruce 
Curran, Jim 
Currie, Marsha 
Cutrell, Becky 
Dalton, Cindy 

Damme', John 
Dana, Michael 
Darrah, Paul 
Darsett, Teresa 
Davis, Kevin 
Davis, Mable 
Davis, Marcy 

Dawley, Ginger 
Dean, Cindy 
Dean, Sharon 
Dearborn, Eddie 
Delany, Ed 
DelCarmen, Julianna 
Delozier, Jimmy 

Deluca, Angela 
DeMartino, James 
DeWalt, Julie 
Diamond, Jeff 
Dillon, Billy 
DiMaio, Rebecca 
Dixson, Brenda 

Dobler, Phil 
Donnellon, Donna 
Doonan, Shelia 
Doss, Mary 
Dooty, Tracy 
Doughton, Tracy 
Douglas, Wanda 

Dozier, Oieda 
Dozier, Sherwin 
Drew, Michael 
Driscoll, David 
Duke, Billy 
Duke, Tom 
Dufford, Todd 

Duncan, Don 
Duncan, Ed 
Dunn, Doug 
Eaton, Debbie 
Edwards, Darryl 
Edwards, Lisa 
Edwards, Scott 

Ehle, Pat 
Ehrmann, Susan 
Ellin, Brad 
EUis, Bryan 
EUis, Susan 
Emry, Scott 
Engel, Marc 

Engman, Charles 
Erikson, Russell 
Esely, Karen 
Estaris, Roy 
Etheridge, Cindy 
Etheridge, Tammy 
Fay, Mary 

78 / ninth 

Fayton, Beverly 
Farmer, Tracy 
Farrell, Bobby 
Felts, Rich 
Fentress, Rusty 
Ferebee, James 
Fereday, David 

Ferguson, Brad 
Ferner, Kathy 
Fields, Teresa 
Fisher, Lynn 
Fisher, Sandra 
Fisk, John 
Flanigan, Robin 

Fleming, Richard 
Fletcher, Eric 
Flowers, Allison 
Floyd, Laurie 
Flynn, Alan 
Fogle, Kevin 
Forbes, Blake 

Forbes, Tracy 
Ford, John 
Ford, Mike 
Forney, Jim 
Forrest, Paul 
Fout, Tom 
Fowler, Richard 

Franklin, Eddie 
Frank, Susan 
Franks, Andy 
Freeman, Gary 
French, Jimmy 
French, Teresa 
Friedmann, Scott 

Nancy Johnson, Karen Simmons and Allison Creely 



ninth / 79 

Friesen. Melinda 
Froelick, Jean 
Frye, David 

Fulcher, Janice 
Fuller, Deborah 
Futrell, Stephan 

Galloway, Chris 
Galvin, Daphne 
Gardner, John 

Garrison, Edward 
Garza, Debronne 
Gaskins, Matthews 

Curtis Teachout drops by the attendance office up on late 
arrival at school. 

Gates, Mike 
Gates, Susan 
George, Monica 
Gerasch, Cindy 
Gibbings, Elizabeth 
Gilbert, Tracy 
Gilchnst, Clifton 

Gilchrist, Milton 
Gilchrist, Ronnie 
Gill. Paul 
Gilpen, Karen 
Glass, Leslie 
Goodrich, Thad 
Goodwin, Elizabeth 

Gradel, Robert 
Green, Jamie 
Greene, Karen 
Gregory, Beth 
Griffin, Kenneth 
Griffin, Kriste 
Gnmes, Cindy 

Grimm, Virginia 
Gula, Sandy 
Guthrie, Caroline 
Guthrie, Kim 
Hackley, Earl 
Hackley, Kay 
Haffenden, Lisa 

Haines, Edward 
Hall, Jannette 
Hall, Tammy 
Halsey, Scott 
Hamblin, Kathy 
Hamel, Robin 
Hamilton, Keith 

80 I ninth 

ninth / 81 

Jacobs, Janet 
James, Tammy 
Jarvis, Mike 

Jawoeski, Donna 
Jayne, Mark 
Jensen, Chuck 

Jennings, Bryan 
Jimenez, Cathy 
Jobe, Jeff 

Johnson, Monica 
Johnson, Nancy 
Jones, Angela 

Jones, David 
Jones, Edwin 
Jones, Eric 

Crystal Primm helps decorate the guidance office for 

Jones, Karen 
Joplin, Lisa 
Jordan, Joanne 
Jordan, Karen 
Kahler, Rich 
Kaizer, Jeff 
Jarl, Jeff 

Kames, Irene 
Katz, Michael 
Kaplan, Andy 
Kaye, Mark 
Keener, Eileen 
Kelly, Audrey 
KeUy, John 

mvr X ft 

Wi W > 

Kelly, Kerri 
Kent, Mike 
Kelly, Kevin 
Kemp, Donna 
Kendrich, Melody 
Keough, Mary 
Kilby, Patty 

Kirby, Susan 
Kirkwood, Shane 
Kitchell, Robert 
Klarner, Kari 
Klein, Lindsay 
Klink, Cheryl 
Knight, Laura 


. i 




82 / ninth 

Knox, Lisa 
Kohler, Sandy 
Kois, John 
Kostich, Diane 
Kowal, Raylene 
Kressley, Heather 
Krouch, Beth 

Krukin, Susanne 
Krzak, Norbert 
Kyriakides, Christos 
Labarge, Andy 
Lagman, Joe 
Lanam, Amy 
Lahouchuc, Steven 

Lambdin, Laura 
Lambert, Laura 
Lamendola, Lanne 
Lammer, Michelle 
Lance, Teresa 
Landers, Troy 
Lane, Shelia 

Lane, Susan 
Larkin, Herbert 
Larroque, Robin 
Latham, Keven 
Laufesweiler, Barbara 
Laughlin, Colleen 
Laumann, Doc 

Leary, Debbie 
Lee, David 
Leech, Jean 
Leeds, Mark 
Lemieax, Anne 
Lester, Lakey 
Lewallen, Rhonda 

Loretta Puopolo takes a break in the guidance office. 

Scott Howerin serves coke at the SCA dance. 

ninth / 83 

Lewis, Alan 
Lewis, David 

Lewis, Patricia 
Lick Lynette 

Ligh, Nancy 
Lindamood, Barry 

Linsenbigler, Bil 
Litten, Timothy 

Littelton, Tommy 
Livingston, Tobi 

London, Scott 
Long, Becky 
Long, James 
Long, Mike 
Longman, Susie 
Lotze, Cathy 
Loughrey, John 

Lovejoy, Vince 
Lovingood, David 
Lowack, Michael 
Lucas, Michael 
Lulchuk, Daniel 
Lynett, Charles 
MacCall, Bruce 

Mackey, Michael 
Malan, Kristy 
Maleski, Michelle 
Maloney, Jeff 
Maloney, Keith 
Manglicmot, Joy 
Mann, Kent 

Mann, Randy 
Manuel, Cynthia 
Maresca, Maureen 
Marshall, Steve 
Martin, Billy 
Martin, Kim 
Mason, Kevin 

84 / ninth 

Tracy Farmer and Antione Harold say hello between classes. 

Matheson, John 
Matthews, Kevin 
Mayo, Audrey 
McCartney, Thomas 
Mcarty, Kevin 
McClure, Mike 
McCoy, Carol 


McCue. Wally 
McCullough, Leigh 
McGady, Susie 
McGee, Denise 
McGinis, Jennifer 
McHorse, Todd 

< i 

McKee, Kevin 
McKenzie, Mike 
McKmny, John 
McKnown, Bobby 
McLearnon, Steve 
McNall, Julie 
McRee, Danny 

Medlin, Joyce 

Meritt, Kenny 

Metz, Linda 

Milbocher, Mike 

Miles, Mac 

Miller, Floyd 
Miller, Jeff 


Miller, Marc 
Minzenmayer, Sharen 
Mitchell, Donna 
Mitchell, Stephen 
Mize, Lynda 
Mohr, Susan 

Montongomery, Charlene 

Mooney, Gail 
Moran, Linda 

Morgan, Athena 
Morgan, Brenda 

I Morgan, Carol 
Morgan, Derek 

Morris, Lynne 
Morris, Ricky 

ninth / 85 

Mosley, Dave 
Moses, Greg 
Mosley, Kim 
Moses, Kathleen 
Motley, Robyn 
Mueller, Cammy 
Muenster, David 

Mullinax, Diana 
Munden, Michelle 
Mundt, Shelly 
Mundun, Ruth 
Murphy, Bonnie 
Murphy, James 
Murphy, Marie 

Naigle, Nancy 
Nam, Kiju 
Nay, Janes 
Nassif, Dina 
Nelson, Gary 
Newbold, Kathy 
Nilson, Mary 

Nilson, Mikeal 
Nisknick, Lee 
Noland, Keith 
Noland, Mike 
Norship, Michael 
OBerry, Shari 
O'Hara, Darren 

Olds, Robert 
Olson, Marty 

O'Neal Randy 
Onks, Mark 

Omdorff, Lance 
Osborn, Melodie 

Osborn, Ricky 
O'Toole, Mike 

Overton, Valerie 
Painter, Michael 

86 / ninth 


I 7 ] 




Parchen, Analise 
Parkman, Kaye 
Parntt, Philip 
Parter, Melissa 
Parvin, Rudy 
Patterson, David 
Patterson, Teresa 

Paulk, Glen 
Payne, Mark 
Paynter, Mona 
Pearl, Michael 
Peck, Richard 
Permenter, Kathy 
Pesebee, Mahssa 

Peterman, Marenda 
Peters, Cynthia 
Peterson, David 
Petrauski, Adrianne 
Pierce, Chrissy 
Piper, Cindy 
Pittman, Scott 

Pittman, Vickie 
Pitts, Pamala 
Plase, Ralph 
Piatt, Denise 
Plum, Lisa 
Plunkett, Lori 
Plyler, John 

Pockelwaldt, Patty 
Pool, Susan 
Post, Cindy 
Powel, Clifton 
Powers, Debbie 
Prevatte, Michelle 
Pributsky, Debra 

Primm, Crystal 
Pritchard, Larry 
Proctor, John 
Puopolo, Loretta 
Purely, Brianne 
Putnam, Diana 
Pyne, Terri 

Radia, Greg 
Rafferty, Ellin 
Raiter, Jay 
Randolph, Scott 
Raper, Rob 
Rapkin, Paige 
Rawles, Diane 

Reap, Patty 
Reid, Donna 
Reid, Tom 
Reinke, David 
Reisch, Tim 
Resler, Rene 
Richardson, Andy 

Richardson, Keith 
Riddle, Johnthan 
Rimarski, John 
Rivenbark, Tommy 
Roberts, Jackie 
Roberts, Stacy 
Robertson, Greg 

ninth / 87 

88 / ninth 

Taylor, Elizabeth 
Taylor, Allen 
Tata, Kendall 

Taft, Jay 
Swoope, Cindy 
Swanberg, Jenny 

Swan, Mike 
Svaib, Cheryl 
Sullivan, Stacy 




Sullivan, Billy 
Subels, Richard 
Strawhand, Roy 
Stratton, John 
Strange, Valerie 
Stowe, Laurie 
Storms, Lynn 

Stohl, Marjie 
Stevenson, Ellen 
Sternberg, Barry 
Stern, John 
Steadman, Betsy 
Stave, Sheila 
Stallings, Danny 

Stabel, Beth 
Sprinkle, Mark 
Speight, Melanie 
Spearman, Mike 
Sorey, Gary 
Sprause, Theodore 
Smock, Juliann 

Smith, Pamela 
Smith, Mike 
Smith, Mickey 
Smith, Matilda 
Smith, Mark 
Smith, Larry 
Smith, Keith 

Smith. Edgar 
Smith, Dennis 
Slupek, Mark 
Slone, Gordon 
Sloan, Jody 
Sloan, Denise 
Slaymen, Beth 

ninth / 89 

Teachout, Curtis 
Teller, Greg 
Temple, Janet 
Tengel, Jim 
Terseck, Mike 
Themides, Michelle 
Thibault, John 

Thomas, Chris 
Thomas, George 
Thomas, Kelly 
Thompson, Mike 
Thompson, Tammy 
Thompson, Tony 
Thornton, Doug 

Thorpe, Donna 
Thurston, Lee 
Tilley, Cathy 
Tinkler, Melanie 
Toth, Sharon 
Towe, Bobby 
Trail, Tim 

Trexler, Bruce 
Trott, Becky 
Troupe, Laurie 
Turner, Sheryl 
Turpin, Michelle 
Tyson, Grant 
Tyson, Jean 

Valentine, Robert 
Venery, Jerry 
Veney, Steve 
Wade, Lisa 
Waff, Elizabeth 
Walker, Connie 
Walker, Curt 

Walker, David 
Walker, John 
Walker, Karen 

Walker, Margaret 
Walker, Party 
Walker, Teresa 

Wall, Calude 
Wall, Diane 
Walling, Ruth 

Walton, Ed 
Webb, Joan 
Weko, Kitra 

90 / ninth 

Wedwman, Tracy 
Weeks, Jackie 
Wellman, Oakle 
Wells, Jeff 
Wells, Jim 
Wellimson, Eric 
Werbiskis, Jimmy 

Wesley, Donald 
White, Debra 
White, Sherry 
White, Sherry 
White, Susan 
Whiteman, Kim 
Whitely, Tammy 

Wicke, Kim 
Wicker, David 
Widgeon, Chuck 
Wilding, Carol 
Wilkins, Randy 
Willaims, Georgia 
Williams, Jeff 

Williams, Lisa 
Williams, Nancy 
Williams, Steve 
Willis, Sonya 
Wilson, David 
Wilson, Joseph 
Wilson, Kim 

Wilson, Marty 
Wiltsie, Thomas 
Windson, Leighsa 
Wingo, Lee 
Winiker, Jeff 
Wiseman, Butch 
Witherington, Danny 

Wolfarth, Curtis 
Wofford, Cathy 
Womack, Richard 
Womble, Barbara 
Wood, John 
Wood, Skip 
Wood, Tracey 

Wood, Wayne 
Woodland, Mike 
Workman, John 
Worst, Julie 
Wynne, Kecia 
Xystras, Christos 
Yates, Craig 

Young, Janis 
Young, Kenneth 
Zambelli, James 
Zazach, Karen 
Zimmerman, Dana 

ninth / 91 

Ackaway, Joey 
Adams, Charfa 
Adams, Don 
Adams, Scott 
Adcock, Debra 
Albee, Darrell 
Albershardt, Heidi 

Albert, Kelly 
Aldrich, Lee 
Aldrich, Rickey 
Aleck, Audrey 
AUcott, Larry 
AUcott, Susan 
Alien, Michelle 

AUe, Rick 
Allred, April 
Altmann, Merete 
Ambrose, Steve 
Amidon, Kathy 
Amidon, Tom 
Andrea, Kensel 

Anders, Andera 
Anderson, Dana 
Anderson, Don 
Anderson, Joe 
Anderson, Mike 
Anderson, Sarah 
Anderezejewski, Linda 

A New World Is 
Opened To 
Eighth Graders 

Approximately 900 students became ini- 
tiates in the traditions of Kempsville Junior 
High School as they entered its doors for 
the first time as eighth graders on Septem- 
ber seventh. Braves became their name 
and blue, gold and white their colors. 

Involvement became their motto. Many 
ventured to try their hands and contri- 
buted their talents in many activities. 

Milton Gilchrist, Gary Fuller, Barbara Robbins and Ronnie Gilchrist visit 
the library during study hall. 

92 / eighth 

Aquino, Elmer 
Anongus, Julius 
Armes, Bobby 
Angelo, Susan 
Arcnbell, Maryann 
Armstrong, Jonn 
Armstrong, Todd 

Arnold, Richard 
Arrant, Jack 
Arthur, James 
Arzadon, Mike 
Asselin, Michelle 
Austin, Bruce 
Austin, Mark 

Avant, Brian 
Auers, VaJarie 
Baker, Dianna 
Baker, Joe 
Banty, Jerry 
Barbier, Gail 
Barlow, Kevin 

Barnes, Constance 
Barnes, Gail 
Barnes, Henneth 
Barnett, Nadine 
Barr, Rory 
Basham, Sharon 
Bass, Barry 

Bateman, Ousban 
Baxter, David 
Beale, Arlene 
Beane, Mike 
Beall, Chris 
Beard, Micky 
Bedinger, Kim 

Beechurn, Jeff 
Belcher, Vaughn 
Beltrami, Rita 
Benard, Sarah 
Benson, Lorraine 
Bentz, Lisa 
Bermick, Susan 




Berry, Dennis 
Berry, Russell 
Bess, Kimberly 
Bilanagi, Mike 
Bilden, Michel] 
Balckwell, Stephanie 
Blair, Katrina 

Blair, Melanie 
Bland, Herbert 
Blessing, Michael 
Bonko, Dirk 
Boner, Derek 
Boiling, Warren 
Bogler, Suzanne 

Boetz, James 
Boelen, Maureen 
Boe, Thomas 
Boe, Bernda 
Bloxsom, Troy 
Blount, Jamy 
Bloom, Mark 

eighth / 93 

Borneisen, Michele 
Boyd, Cindy 
Boucher, Chris 

Boyle, Timothy 
Boyarth, William 
Brachel, John 

Brann, Barbara 
Brauer, Rochel 
Braxton, David 

Brink, Norma 
Brinkley, Micheal 
Brinn, Gary 

Brinn, Ronnie 
Briscoe, Kara 
Brock, Troy 


Don't be shy! 

Don WHO? 

Is it really Don A- 

Brooks, Adam 
Brooks, Joey 
Brooks, Belinda 
Brothers, Robert 
Brouen, Linda 
Brown, Michael 
Brown, Rebecca 

Brown, Scott 
Brown, Teri 
Bruce, Uvonne 
Bran, Amy 
Bruner, Jeff 
Bryan, Daniel 
Buchanan, James 

Bryan, Keith 
Buddies, Sharon 
Bullock, Raymond 
Burke, Steve 
Burke, Tom 
Burlamachi, Joyce 
Burno, Paula 

Butler, Tracy 
Byerly, Kim 
Byerly, Mark 
Byrd, Kenda 
Byrd, Robert 
Caddell, Brian 
Caldwell, Kathy 







94 / eighth 

& ^ % 

r jfr* 

pipe / 

■'OR f 

— . »■ ' 

Calloway, James 
Camacho, Phil 
Campbell, Ray 
Cantrell, Bryan 
Canrwell, Lisa 
Carey, Kathleen 
Carolipio, Carla 

Carpetta, Karen 
Carrington, Robin 
Carroll, Jefe 
Carroll, Leslie 
Carroway, William 
Carter, Susan 
Casey, Karen 

Ktm&A **' «Mt? 

Cass, Greg 
Cassida, Tammy 
Cavin, Carol 
Cerrubi, Michael 
Chadwell, William 
Chambers, Denise 
Chapman, Paul 

' j 1 

Cherlin, Joanne 
Chiang, Sekai 
CiriUi, JiU 
Clark, Glen 
Clark, Karen 
Clayton, Chip 
Cleaves, Tracie 



Clegg, Andy 
Cleveland, Charyl 
Clifton, Mike 
Cline, Margaret 
Coater, Chris 
Cohick, Lois 
Cole, Loyd 

on- # 

Jill Jackson, 
Kathy Huckel 
and Andrea 
Knesel enjoy a 
free moment in 
the library. 

eighth / 95 

Collins, Cathy 
Commander, Lori 
Conner, Danny 
Conner, Georgia 
Conrad, James 
Cooke, Nancy 
Coons, Dennis 

Cooper, A [ana 
Cope, Conna 
Cote, Richard 
Covey, Scott 
Cowan, David 
Cowan, John 
Cowen, Whitney 

Coyner, Edwin 
Cox, David 
Creamer, Douglas 
Creelamn, Mark 
Creekmore, Niles 
Crego, David 
Creighton, James 

Criggen, Sheri 
Cronemiller, Tern 
Crowley, Pat 
Cullen, Mona 
Cullen, Regina 
Curies, Eric 
Custer, Mark 

Cutchins, Robert 
Cutler, Anne 
CutreU, Wally 
Dalten, Cathy 
Daughtry, Sandra 
Davenport, Albert 
Davis, Betsy 

Davis, Celeste 
Davis, Jeff 
Davis, Joel 
Davis, Teresa 
Dawson, Robert 
Dean, Virginia 
Deano, Melody 

Deblaker. Richard 
Delk, Terrie 
Demons, Cilicia 
Desrosiers, Karen 
Deveries, Devin 
Dills, Miyuki 
Dion, Belinda 

Dixson, Gale 
Dodson, Dee Dee 
Donaldson, Tom 
Donison, Marc 
Donovan, Danny 
Dooty, Chuck 
Dortch, Jon 

Doss, Jackie 
Doughton, Lynn 
Doyle Patricia 
Draffin, Janie 
Drewey, William 
Dudley, Rusty 
Duke, Debra 




<^^V" ^^^^^^ 

96 / eighth 

Duncan, Robert 
Dutten, Penny 
East, Linda 
Eaton, Jim 
Edwards, Alexia 
Edwards, Joey 
Edwards, Keith 

Eley, Rick 
Elgin, David 
Elliott, Steve 
Elliott, Tommy 
Ellis, Elizabeth 
Ellis, Ricahrd 
Erwin, Mike 

Eseley, Mike 
Escucha, Suzanne 
Etheridge, Laurie 
Evans, Deborah 
Everton, Lee Ann 
Eytchison, Randall 
Falls, Carolyn 

Falls, Randall 
Farley, Robert 
Farrar, Scott 
Fawcett, Cindy 
Fayton, Tony 
Fellers, James 
Ferdon, Mike 

Fergusan, Tony 
Ferrebe, Lynne' 

Ferrer, Mary Jo 
Fields, Tom 

Fileds, Steve 
Filipowski, Catherine 

Fink, Peggy 
Finley, James 

Fischer, Ed 
Foley, Jeam 

eighth / 97 

Paul Shows, David Rochell, Andy Sievers and Jerry Banty check 

out books for English. 

Ford, Connie 
Foreman, Charla 
Forrest, Joyce 
Foster, Cindy 
Frady, David 
Franklin, Mark 
Franklin, Roger 

Fraley, Robert 
Freeman, Kevin 
Freeman, Sandra 
Frieson, Bob 
Fulcher, Billy 
Fulford, Patricia 
Fuller, Gary 

Fuller, Terri 
Futrell, Cynthia 
Gabriel, Aviles 
Galgo, Teresa 
Gallop, Walter 
Gamble, Donna 
Gardner, Jeffrey 

Garappo, Cathy 
Garvey, Joanne 
Garza, Janathan 
Ganvin, Richard 
Geer, Terri 
Gentill, Marie 
Gewet, Jamie 

Gewet, Jeff 
Ghent, Jeff 
Gershan, Laura 
Genshaw, Mark 
Gerald, Lisa 
Gibson, Charles 
Gibson, Mike 

98 / eighth 

•4 feii 



T -I 

•* .1 

* %> 


1 "\ , IB 

1 II. r r 

Gilbert, Dawn 
Gilchrist, Darrell 
Gilchrist, Margie 
Gilfillan, Kevin 
Gill, Shari 
Ciller, Kathy 
Gillespie, Deonna 

Gillespie, Eddie 
Gillespie, Patsy 
Ginn, Lori 
Glanvill, David 
Glaser, Kevin 
Godfrey, Bobby 
Goetz, Lisa 

Golstein, Adam 
Gompers, Karen 
Goodwin, Brwyn 
Gordon, Sith 
Gosnell, David 
Grabowski, Valerie 
Graham, Kim 

Grandstaff, Becky 
Garvely, Laura 
Gray, Cindv 
Green, Cathorine 
Greer, Wendy 
Griffin, Kim 
Griman, Leanne 

Grove, David 
Guinn, Michael 
Gula, Lisa 
Gumby, Steven 
Gutkin, Robert 
Hadley, Chuck 
Hale, Pam 

Hall, Daniel 
Hall, Kimberly 
Hall, Patty 
Hamilton, John 
Hamilton, Michael 
Harbik, Todd 
Hargrove, Robin 

Harless, Kim 
Harrell, Bill 
Harrell, Karla 
Harris, Carolyn 
Harris, Ellen 
Harris, Grandy 
Harrison, Dan 

Hartlove, John 
Haskett, Ruth 
Hayes, Mike 
Heath, Vickie 
Heidt, Bob 
Hendricks, Sean 
Hendricks, Billie 

Herndon, Jennifer 
Herritt, Keith 
Harshberger, Charles 
Hickson, Ruth 
Hickman, Cheryl 
Highsmith, Mike 
Hinkley, Shelly 

eighth / 99 

Hines, Sharon 
Hinson, Diane 
Hoase, Denise 
Hodges, Hal 
Hodies, Mark 
Hoff, Mark 
Hoffman, Stacy 

Hogen, Shawn 
Hoggard, Ricky 
Holgate, Vickie 
Holladay, Cathy 
Holland, Mawyei 
Holmes, Helen 
Homsher, Mary 

Hood, Bobby 
Hooper, Michael 
Hoppel, Judy 
Horak, Lisa 
Horan, Patty 
Horton, Mark 
Houchins, Ann 

House, Kathy 
Hubbard, John 
Huechuer, Kathy 
Hughes, Dana 
Hughes, Kevin 
Hughlett, Laura 
Hunroe, Bruce 

Hurst, Laura 
Huston, Carey 
Hyatt, Susan 
Hugh, Shytle 
Ingram, David 
Isnman, Michael 
Ives, Robert 

Jackson, Allison 
Jackson, Brett 
Jarvis, Jayne 
Jasinouski, Doris 
Jaskowiak, Mike 
Jay, Ricky 
Jayne, Karen 

Jefferson, Dwayne 
Jenkins, Joseph 
Jennings, Mark 
Jennings, Marsha 
Jenses, Jeffery 
Jernigan, David 
Jochum, Patty 

Joe, Cindy 
Johnson, David 
Johnson, Jerry 
Johnson, Johanna 
Johnson, Joyce 
Johnson, Karen 
Johnson, Lori 

Johnson, Martha 
Johnson, Wayne 
JoUy, Karla 
Jones, Donna 
Jones, Dora 
Jones, Mary 
Jones, Nerris 





100 / eighth 


Kim Yount, Re- 
gina Cullon, 
Lynne Phillips, 
Karen Clark and 
Diana Baker 
share a few mo- 
ments together 
as well as a few 
laughs together 
as they study. 


Jones, Paula 
Jones, Ricky 
Jones, Rochelle 
Joyner, Bland 
Joyer, William 
Kammerdiener, Roger 
Kanoy, Lori 

Karcher, Caryl 
Karscki, Pat 
Karczskii, Dennis 
Kalzmorcuzyk, Kim 
Kayle, Doug 
Keel, Randy 
Kein, Bill 

Keinke, Jay 
Keller, Carla 
Kelly, Brian 
Kelly, Shawn 
Kennedy, Melton 
Kerslake, Lance 
Keys, Steve 

Kiess, Luann 
King, Barry 
Kinh, Joe 
King, Melton 
Kirby, Kierne 
Kirby, Pamela 
Kirkwood, Stacy 

Kissler, Cynthia 
Kitchell, Steve 
Knapik, Craig 
Knapp, Brian 
Knensel, Andera 
Knowles, Angie 
Koktinis, Thomas 

eighth / 101 

Kolcum, Brian 
Konopik, Mike 
Kujawski. Joseph 
Kue, Jeff 
Labarge. Matt 
Lackey, Dale 
Lahouchuc, Kevin 

Laine, Jeannine 
Lakey, KeUy 
Lamendola, Ray 
Lampman, Tara 
Lammers, Laura 
Lance, Lori 
Landis, Audrey 

Landis, Dottie 
Landis, Helen 
Lane, Kenny 
Lapp, Dawn 
Larsen, Doug 
Larsen, Kellie 
Latham, David 

Lauman, Angela 
Learnard, Leigh 

Lechner, Lynn 
Ledebroner, Linda 

Leeper, Sharon 
Lee, Patrick 

Kelly McClannan and Cindy Rada talk to a friend during 
study hall. 

Lenard, Carolyn 
Lester, Karen 
Levine, Michelle 
Lewallen, Tami 
Lewis, Brian 
Lewis, Jeff 
Lewis, John 


Lewis, Teddy 

Lewis, Van 

Lindvall, Peter 

Linneball, Marc 

Liverman, Trish 

Littlewood, Jeff 

Louitt, Mark, 
Lulchuk, Robert 
MacDonald, Heather 
Mackim, John 
Maleski, Sharen 
Malone, Robert 
Lee, Michael 


102 / eighth 





Manglicmot, Mark 
Mann, Veronica 
Manseau, Juel 
Manuel. Linda 
Maples, Kevin 
Marchesani. Mike 
Maresca, David 

Marsh, Steve 
Marshall, Randy 
Martin, Jerry 
Martin, Lisa 
Martin, Melodie 
Marquedant, Paul 
Martinelli, Osvaldo 

Martinson, Carol 
Masseur, Ricky 
Massey, Glen 
Mataldi. Karen 
Matson, Daniel 
Matson, Lisa 
Matthews, Jay 

Mauricio, Jenny 
Mayo, Joseph 
McCabe, John 
McCartney, Melody 
McCarless, Robert 
McClannan, Kelly 
McClellan, Christy 

McCluney, Richard 
McCullers, Ruth 
McCoy, Debi 
McCoy, Deborah 
McCoy, Emory 
McCoy, Sonya 
McCulley, John 

McGady, Michael 
McGowan Patricia 
McKinsty, Jimmy 
McKinley, Peter 
McKinnon, Thomas 
McLane, John 
McLane, Terry 

McLaughlin, Billy 
McMeekin, Malva 

McNeil, Mike 
McMullan, Kelli 

Meads, Roger 
Meehan, Mary 

eighth / 103 

Mees, Sheila 
Mellin, Cathy 
Melton, Ted 
Melton, David 
Merritts, Mike 
Meurn, Kim 
Midgett, Sandra 

Milbocker, Christine 
Miles, Mary Ellen 
Miles, Paulojane 
Miller, Joseph 
Miller, David 
Miller, Kathy 
Miller, Elaine 

Miller, Jeff 
Miller, Matt 
Miller, Michael 
Miller, Pam 
Miller, Tammy 
Miller, Tommy 
Mills, Steve 

Milton, Tracy 
Minnis, Greg 
Minton, Susan 
Mitchell, David 
Mitchell, Stephen 
Mitchem, Bobby 
Mohap, Melaine 

Monds, Scott 
Moore, Billy 
Moore, Kerry 
Moore, Patrick 
Moosha, Kim 
Morgan, Billy 
Morgan, Melanie 

Morgan, Michele 
Moriarity, Joseph 
Morrison, Robin 
Moscatello, Laura 
Mosley, Kay 
Mosman, Don 
Moss, Florence 

Mott, Phil 
Mallins, Lisa 

Mumford, Michel] 
Murden, Tracy 

Murphy, Shannon 
Murphy. Patty 

Michael Erwin tries to complete homework between errands 
for counselors. 

104 / eighth 

Murphy, Tom 
Myers, David ' 
NewelJ, Richard 
Newman, Keith 
Nicholas, Jimmy 
Niederhuth, Bruce 
Noe, Monica 

Nolen, Mimi 
Oakley, Geoff 
Oakley, Jodi 
O'Brine, Daniel 
Oennard, Renee 
Oeibert, Mark 
Olsen, Timothy 

Olson, Kelly 
O'MaJley, Kevin 
Omberg, Robbie 
Orr, James 
O'Toole, Maureen 
Otranto, Mike 
Ortanto, Steve 

Owen, Lavra 
Pack, Lynne 
Page, Patricia 
Painter, Carolyn 
Paland, Kim 
Painter, Patty 
Paris, Maria 

Park, Bill 
Parker, Lori 
Parrish, Jeff 
Parrish, Jodi 
Parvin, Lori 
Patrick, Andera 
Patriguin, Todd 

Patterson, Anne 
Patterson, Elizabeth 
Patterson, Lyn 
Patterson, Ricky 
Payne, Kim 
Penn, Brian 
Perry, Donald 

Perry, Ehte 
Perry, Gregg 
Perry, Steve 
Perry, Tina 
Pesebee, Vernon 
Peterson, Elizabeth 
Peterson, Tammy 

Pezzella, Harris 
Phillips, Lynne 
Phillips, Mark 
Pieno, John 
Pierce, Craig 
Plesants, Michelle 
Poke, Matt 

Polenski, Maureen 
Pope, Beth 
Pope, Chris 
Porter, Billy 
Porter, Michael 
Powell, Katljy 
Powell, Monica 

eighth / 105 

Powers, Jeff 
Prence, Cedrian 

Price, Scott 
Princenski, Mike 

Presha, Charlene 
Preston, Jim 

Prevatte, Celeste 
Price, Wade 
Proctori, Sheila 
Pryon, Steve 
Pugh, Michael 
Purefoy, Mike 
Queen, Barry 

Quesada, Louis 
Quirk, Robert 
Rabidoux, David 
Radja, Andy 
Radford, Richard 
Ramsey, Julia 
Ratcliffe, Barbara 

Rawls, Robyn 
Reader, Beth 
Reed, David 
Reich, Becky 
Register, Mark 
Register, Dick 
Reid, Bill 

Reid, Brenda 
Remy Ricky 
Repass, Carol 
Reynolds, Kerry 
Richt, John 
Riddle, Jeffery 
Riedel, Diane 

Rigdon, Toney 
Riley, George 
Riley, Glenda 
Rinzel, Brian 
Ripski, Jackie 
Ritten, Christopher 
Ritzel, Clete 

Robbins, Barbara 
Roberts, David 
Roberts, Lauren 
Roberts, Sharon 
Robey, Billy 
Robinson, Herb 
Robinson, Kevin 



' 1m 


-\- i V 


Bitsy Armstrong and Lori Bastin take time for a good laugh. 




Ik - 

f- 1 

HP * 




106 / eighth 





Robinson, Loretta 
Rockwell, Steve 
Rodgers, Lisa 
Rodgers, Steve 
Rogers, Robyn 
Rondgnem, Denise 
Roper, Paul 

Rose, Walter 
Rosenberg, RacheMe 
Rothman, Barbara 
Ruchelman, Lauren 
Rumpf, Carey 
Ruperti, Tony 
Ruppe, Robert 

Rushlow, Walter 
Russell, Brian 
Rutkin, Cindy 
Rutledge, Athela 
Rutledge, Lisa 
Rutledge, Grant 
Sabol, Courtney 

Sandefer, Vicky 
Sanderegger, Karla 
Sanderlin, Penny 
Sanderson, Regina 
Sandifer, Sandy 
Sandy Robin 
Sanoba, Michael 

Satterthwaite, Carla 
Sawyer, Chuck 
Scaqlione, Michael 
Schneider, Leslie 
Schroeder, Philip 
Schov, Anette 
Schwab, Pat 

Schwartz, Richard 
Sxott, Chip 
Scott, Jeff 
Scott, Robert 
Scott, Stacey 
Scully, Shelly 
Sealey, Donny 

Brian Lewis, Kelly Bowman and Bobby Mitchen check out 
the funny paper. 

Sekeres, Sabrina 
Seaman, Joann 

Sevanboy, John 
Seymore, Debbie 

Shambean, Fawn 
Shan bean, Ted 

eighth / 107 

Sharp, Bill 
Shattuck, Karen 
Shaw, Elizabeth 
Shelton, Kim 
Shepard, Rusty 
Sherwood, Anthony 
Shipley, Debbie 

Shows, Paul 
Sievers, Andrew 
Shickler, Trudy 
Simmer, Alan 
Simmer, Barbara 
Simmians, Lori 
Simon, Donald 

Simpkins, Amy 
Singleton, Forrest 
Singson, Joyce 
Sipe, Jeffery 
Sission, Paula 
Skeens, Michelle 
Skeins, Jerry 

Skolnick, Jeff 
Sloan. Melanie 
Sloop, Brian 
Smith, Alfonzo 
Smiht, Dennis 
Smith, Gene 
Smith, Giles 

Smith, Julie 
Smith, Kevin 
Smith, Kim 
Smith, Margaret 
Smith, Marina 
Smith, Nile 
Smith, Roy 

Smith, Rex 
Smith, Richard 
Smith, William 
Snead, Jennifer 
Snell, Mike 
Snowden, Regina 
Snowdon, Todd 

Snyder, Michael 
Soady, Scott 
Spencer, Glen 
Spence, Steven 
Spivey, Alan 
Spivey, Deborah 
Spivey, Margaret 

Spruill, Greg 
Stanley, Trisha 
Stanton, Kathleen 
Stauffer, Teresa 
Stebbins, Brenda 
Steim, Robin 
Steinfield, Karen 

Stepnick, Sharon 
Stewart, Paul 
Sriavelli, Melissa 
Stames, Leah 
Stortle, Greg 
Stowe, Ron 
Strickland, Diane 







108 / eighth 

Strickland, Judy 
Strickland, Patricia 
Strobach, Walter 
Stublen, James 
Strun, Anastaha 
Styron, Kevin 
Sullivan, Marie 

Sullivan, Susan 
Sawn, Anna 
Swasey, Richard 
Swoope, Charlie 
Tassone, Denise 
Tatem, Terry 
Taylor, Larry 

Taylor, Lori 
Taylor, Scott 

Tebault, Leslie 
Tecsom, Butch 

Tevz, Scott 
Thaggard, Debra 

Thaggard, Steven 
Thibault, Caroline 
Thingested, Doug 
Thomas, Steve 
Thompson, John 
Thompson, Kevin 
Thompson, Matt 

Thompson, Tammy 
Thornal, Tamara 
Thorne, Allison 
Thorpe, Michael 
Thurneyson, David 
Torrance, Herbert 
Torrissi, Russell 

Tosl, Pete 
Trager, Ben 
Trauinski, Laura 
Trent, Visa 
Triplett, Mike 
Trotman, Donna 
Troy, Lisa 

Trussell, Catherine 
Tucker, Leslie 
Tucker, Susan 
Tundy. Rodney 
Turner, Carol 
Turner, John 
Turner, Phillip 

eighth / 109 

Turk, Michael 
Tyson, Steve 
Vanheertum, Linda 
VanMeter, Chris 
Vargas, Mike 
Vasquez, Krishna 
Vass, Ann 

Vaughn, Charles 
Vaughn, Danny 
Vercrugsse, Robert 
Vincent, Duida 
Vinsen, Diane 
Vinson, Marcia 
Vishneski, John 

Waddell, Karen 
Waddell, Mary 
WaddeU, Ricky 
Wade, Lorie 
Wade, Marty 
Wales, Randy 
Walker, Chaning 

Wall, Linda 
Walsh, Jane 

Walsh, Patty 
Walter, Denise 

Wandersee, William 
Waskey, Regina 


, if f ' ik ' \ 




Kenny Bams reviews a filmstrip for one of his classes. 

Watermyer, Tricia 
Watkin, Timie 
Wathersan, Jody 
Weaver, Derral 
Weaver, David 
Weaver, Mark 
Webb, Mike 

Webster, Kevin 
Welgant, Karen 
Wells, Taura 
WeUs, William 
Wellumson, Matt 
Welster, Kevin 
Werline, Sharon 

Wernimant, Jerry 
West, Mike 
Werty, Christine 
Whafey, BiU 
Whealler, Kyle 

Whitaker, Debbie 
White, Maria 

110 / eighth 






Whiteman, Janet 
Wian, Amy 
Wicker, Joe 
Wirsch, John 
Wiesner, Mark 
Wiggins, Brian 
Wilding, Milshell 

Wilerson, Laura 
WiUcenson, Robert 
Williams, Brett 
Williams, Brian 
Williams, Deborah 
Williams, Greg 
Williams, James 

Williams, Jeffery 
Williams, Lisa 
Williams, MeUa 
Williams, Sandy 
Williams, Scott 
Williams, Tamey 
Williams, Tracy 

WiUiams, Wendy 
Wilson, James 
Wills, James 
Winchester, Keith 
Wingo, Kathy 
Winiker, Diane 
Windschitl, Mary 

Winslow, Allen 
Window, Dawn 
Witcher, Frank 
Witt, Robert 
Woodberry, Jennifer 
Woodhouse, Bruce 
Wood, Jovanie 

Wood, Keith 
Wood, Mark 
Wood, Michael 
Wood, Teresa 
Woodard, Michael 
Woodington, Pat 
Woods, Laura 

Woolridge, Bruce 
Worley, Eugene 
Worrell, Matt 
Worrell, Mike 
Worth, Bobby 
Yates, Ruth 
Yelton, Cindy 

Yetter, Keith 
Young, Faith 
Youngblood, Kenny 
Yount, Kimberly 
Zimmerman, Laura 
Yuen, Sally 

eighth / 111 





who were 

Supervising transporation 
Recognizing problems 
Offering solutions 
Encompassing duties 
Emphasizing values 
Benefiting from experience 
Searching for improvement 
Changing the times 
Innovating ideas 
Enduring pressure 
Revitalizing classroom routine 
Encouraging thought 

faculty / 113 

Supervision of over 1800 students, eighty-five Despite the busy days, they find the time to dis- 

faculty members, and numerous office and custo- cuss plans, projects and problems with both fac- 

dial personnel can prove to be an ominous task to ulty and students. They are often seen between 

some. But to the administration of Kempsville Ju- classes or after the dismissal bell talking with any 

nior it can be very rewarding. student who takes time to stop by. 

SEATED — Mr. Charles Caldwell, Principal STANDING L-R — Mr. William Vick, Asst. Principal; Mr. Robert Griffin, Assistant Principal Administration; Mr Kenneth 
Lumpkin, Assistant Principal Instruction. 

administration / 115 

116 / office 

faculty / 117 

faculty / 119 


Miss Ann Harris 
Mr. Ronald Bowie 

Mrs. Sara Lane 
Mrs. Mary Moran 
Mr. Edwin Dennis 

120 / faculty 

Mrs. Suzanne Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth Hankins, Mr. Bobby Adair, Mrs. Susan Underwritten Mrs. Virginia Revely. 


faculty / 121 

Phy. Ed. 

Mr. John Ingram 
Mr. Kevin Rogers 
Miss Diane Derrick 

faculty / 123 

Mrs. Margaret Yip 
Mr. Paul Wright 
Mr. Bert Carter 






Ms. Celes Price 

Mrs. Frances Richardson 

Mr. Emmet Forbes 


Mrs. Lois Linsly 

Ms. Barbara Sullivan 

Mrs. Jan Daniels 

Mrs. Christine McClenny 

faculty / 125 

stand in stoic amazement 
Within this school 
A world I have come to realize 
Will shortly be a past phase. 
I found a friend, 
And the world seemed right. 
I learned 

To share other's burdens and 
I worked 

In tune with their minds and 


I know now 

That together there is love — 

Love that does not tire 

For love holds its own. 

It has all become memories — 

Moments at Kempsville Junior 

Where I, too, have become a past 


126 / closing 

closing / 127 

As time goes on, we may never pass this way again, but 

The Moments We Shared 

shall never be forgotten. 

128 / closing